Residency in General Pediatrics at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Residency in General Pediatrics

Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Director's welcome letter

One of the most important decisions in your professional and personal life is choosing a training program to foster your career goals. To ensure our residents receive the best clinical education and professional development, we provide one-on-one mentorship, sub-specialty training, and opportunities to conduct research.

For more than 60 years, the general pediatrics residency program has cultivated the talents of some of the countries leading pediatric clinicians, researchers and academicians. The program is one of the country's most effective and prestigious. Residents are supervised by more than 160 full-time pediatric faculty members, with clinical focus in all subspecialty areas of pediatric medicine.

Our training program teaches residents to provide exceptional patient care in diverse settings, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Training is primarily conducted at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, a hospital completely dedicated to care of infants, children and adolescents. Residents also get clinical experience in community health clinics, pediatric private practices, and on the frontline through our global health initiative. As part of North Shore-LIJ Health System, our residents leverage the resources of the largest health system in New York State, which includes access to a patient simulation center, leadership training through our corporate university and research opportunities at a nationally recognized medical research institute.

North Shore-LIJ is also the primary teaching affiliate of the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. This partnership cements our departments committed to providing the highest standard of pediatric education through the delivery of state-of-the-art, comprehensive care in an academic and research-oriented environment.

Individualized training is at the heart of the general pediatrics residency program at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Each house officer is assigned to an advisor who is responsible for custom-tailoring a professionally fulfilling and personally enjoyable three years of training through individualized feedback and discussion. Our core curriculum was developed with well-defined educational goals for all rotations and electives. This is fully integrated into bedside teaching and covers the entire training experience.

The training program encompasses the gamut of pediatrics from well-baby care and preventive medicine to emergency, intensive care and subspecialty services. Special programs include the Child Development Center, Asthma Center, Epilepsy Center, Child Protective Service, Child Advocacy, Heart Institute, Apnea Program, Cystic Fibrosis Center, Lyme Disease Center, Eating Disorders and Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit.

In addition, the fellows in our 13 pediatric fellowship programs complement the faculty's clinical and academic relations with the residents. Our residents actively participate in the training of the third and fourth-year medical students in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.

The commitment to the care of infants, children and adolescents is one of the most rewarding experiences for a physician. Few other specialties can make such an impact on the future of our nation. We appreciate your interest in our program, and are eager to help you any way we can with your transition from medical school to residency. We look forward to having you visit us and working with you on fulfilling your goals.


Charles Schleien, MD
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics
Cohen Children's Medical Center

Robert Katz, MD
Associate Program Director
Cohen Children's Medical Center

Stephen Barone, MD
Program Director
Cohen Children's Medical Center

Nancy Palumbo, MD
Associate Program Director
Cohen Children's Medical Center

Program facts

Right now is an exciting time for pediatric medicine. The healthcare landscape is evolving with the integration of technology into our daily practices. At the heart of everything we do is providing exceptional care to children that aid in their emotional, physical and mental development. The general pediatrics residency trainees at Cohen Children’s Medical Center are at the center of this transition, learning how to use the technical advancements in the field to improve outcomes for patients. Some of the advanced features of the program include:

  • Largest provider of pediatric care in the New York area.
  • The most diverse patient population in the United States
  • State-of-the-art web-based, case-based learning curriculum that is recognized by the ACGME
  • World-class research opportunities at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
  • The largest patient simulation center in the United States, with courses like,
    • Pediatric Resuscitation
    • Pediatric Procedure Training
    • Neonatal Medicine
    • Pediatric Clinical Scenarios
    • Pediatric Communication Skills

Leadership & faculty

Program director

Stephen R. Barone, MD

  • Program Director, General Pediatrics Residency Program,
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
  • Associate Professor, Pediatrics ,
    Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
  • Vice Chair, Graduate Medical Education,
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
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Department chair

Charles Schleien, MD, MBA

  • Senior Vice President & Executive Director, Pediatric Services,
    North Shore-LIJ Health System
  • Chair of Pediatrics,
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
  • Chair of Pediatrics,
    Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
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Associate program directors

Robert K. Katz, MD

  • Assistant Professor, Pediatrics,
    Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
  • Director, Pediatric Selectives and Electives,
    Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
  • Attending,
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
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Nancy Palumbo, MD

  • Associate Program Director, Pediatrics,
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
  • Chief, Pediatric Hospital Medicine,
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
  • Attending, Pediatric Hospital Medicine,
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
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Global health director

Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo MD, MPH

  • Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and Population Health,
    Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
  • Attending, Pediatrics,
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
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Other faculty

Martin Fisher, MD
Linda Levin Carmine, MD
Marigold Castillo, MD
Ronald Feinstein, MD
Nadia Saldanha, MD
Eric Weiselberg, MD
Vincent Bonagura, MD
Sherry Farzan, MD
Blanka Kaplan, MD
Punita Ponda, MD
David Rosenthal, DO
Rubin S. Cooper, MD
Andrew D. Blaufox, MD
Sandra Brunson, MD
Preeta S. Dhanantwari, MD
Shilpi Epstein, MD
Richard Friedman, MD
Barry Goldberg, MD
Dipak Kholwadwala, MD
Denise Hayes, MD
Howard Heching, MD
Elena Kwon, MD
Deborah J. Mensch, MD
Nilanjana Misra, MD
Elizabeth Mitchell, MD
Shahed Quraishi, MD
Angela Romano, MD
Marion Rose, MD
Eliyahu Rosman, MD
Yehuda Shapir, MD
Russel Schiff, MD
Rohit Talwar, MD
Vincent Parnell, MD
David Meyer, MD
Peter Silver MD. MBA
Adnan Bakar MD
Kevin Bock MD
Clifford Deutschman MS, MD
Sharon Dial MD
Maria Esperanza MD
Sandeep Gangadharan MD
Lily Glater MD
Aaron Kessel MD
James Schneider MD
Charles Schleien MD, MBA
Linda Siegel MD
Todd Sweberg MD, MBA
Cheryl Taurassi MD
Randi Trope DO, MBA
Laura Watkins MD
Andrew Adesman, MD
Victoria Chen, MD
Alyson Gutman, MD
Ruee Huang, MD
Anna Krevskaya, MD
Nili Major, MD
David Meryash, MD
Ruth Milanaik, DO
Tina Narayan, MD
Helen Papaioannou, MD
Lauren Tarnok, MD
Jahn Avarello MD
Cara Bornstein, DO
Francesca Bullaro, MD
Allison Cooper, MD
Diana Crevi, MD
Tara Flocco, PNP
Lynda Gerberg, MD
Kimberly Giusto, MD
Robert Gochman, MD
Beena Iype, DO
Jeffrey Israel, MD
Nafis Kahn, MD
William Krief, MD
Christiana Nichols, MD
Mary Anne Popcun, PNP
Joshua Rocker, MD
Melanie Stein-Etess, DO
Natasha Tellechea, MD
Philomena Thomas, MD
Michael Preis, DO
Monica Shekher-Kapoor, MD
David Teng, MD
Shiny Varghese, PNP
Phyllis Speiser, MD
Dennis Carey, MD
Graeme Frank, MD
YeouChing Hsu, MD
Sharon Hyman, MD
Paula Kreitzer, MD
Michael Pettei, MD
Samuel Bitton, MD
Kate Buzzi, MD
Cindy Haller, MD
Jennifer Mait-Kaufman, MD
James Markowitz, MD
Ying Lu, MD
Benjamin Sahn, MD
Tony Webster, MD
Toba Weinstein, MD
Minu George, MD
Cliff Nerwen, MD
Henry Bernstein, DO
Allison Driansky, MD
Jamilah Grant-Guimareas, MD
Mariecel Pilapil, MD
Mary Makaryus, MD
Roya Samuels, MD
Mark Welles, MD
Denise Woodall-Ruff, MD
Megan Walsh, MD
Andrew Hong, MD
Stephen Dolgin, MD
Richard Glick, MD
Aaron Lipskar, MD
Nelson Rosen, MD
Samuel Soffer, MD
Jose Prince, MD
Jeffrey M. Lipton, MD, PhD
Suchitra Acharya, MD
Abena Appiah-Kubi, MD
Mark Atlas, MD
Banu Aygun, MD
Lionel Blanc, PhD (laboratory scientist)
Joel Brochstein, MD
Caroline Fein-Levy, MD
Jonathan Fish, MD
Rachel Kessel, MD
Johnson Liu, MD
Arlene Redner, MD
Indira Sahdev, MD
Sharon Singh, MD
Amy Laura Nadel, PhD
Adrianna Vlachos, MD
Larry Wolfe, MD
Vanessa Baptiste, MD
Dorothy Chu, MD
Pratichi Goenka, MD
Mera Goodman, MD
Kyle Hengel, MD
Greg Kenny, MD
Saema Khandakar, MD
Meredith Krevitsky, DO
Jill Leibowitz-Feder, MD
Nicole Leone, MD
Shelia Liewehr MD
Stacy McGeechan, MD
Dipti Mirchandani, MD
Helen Scott, MD
Joyce Fox, MD
Martin Bialer, MD
Lorry G. Rubin, MD
Sunil Sood, MD
Sujatha Rajan, MD
Vijaya Soma, MD
Richard Schanler, MD
Alpna Aggarwall, DO
Mohamed Ahmed, MD, PhD
Joanna Beachy, MD
Vita Boyar, MD
Susanna Castro-Alcaraz, MD
Eunsung Cho, MD
Lina Chusid, MD
Irina Gershkovich, DO
Linda Genen, MD
Howard Heiman, MD
Robert Koppel, MD
Dalibor Kurepa, MD
Shahana Perveen, MD
Olena Predtechenska, MD
Jerrold Schlessel, MD
Meredith Slutzah-Bernstein, DO
Regina Spinazzola-Kinney, MD
Andrew M. Steele, MD
Loanne Tran, MD
Juliette Trope, MD
Barry Weinberger, MD
Nahla Zaghloul, MD
Alla Zaytseva, MD
Christine Sethna, MD
Nataliya Chorny, MD
Pamela Singer. MD
Joseph Maytal, MD
Zipora Fefer, MD
Shiffali Karkare, MD
Josiane Lajois, MD
RoseMarrie Sy-Kho, MD
Mark Mittler, MD
Shaun Rogers, MD
Steven Schneider, MD
Lee Smith, MD
Gerald D. Zahtz, MD
Jeffrey Cheng, MD
Terry Amaral, MD
Jon-Paul Philip DiMauro, MD
Francisco Laplaza, MD
Selina Poon, MD
Vishal Sarwahi, MD
Carmel Foley, MD
Robert Dicker, MD
Victor Fornari, MD
Claudine Higdon, MD
Richard Pleak, MD
Ema Saito, MD
Vivian Kafantaris
Scott Krakower
Maria Teresa Santiago, MD
Kelly Adams MD
Elizabeth Fiorino, MD
Joan DeCelie-Germana, MD
Kristin Kelly-Pieper, MD
Kalliope Tsirilakis, MD
Beth Gottlieb, MD
Cassyanne Aguiar, MD
B. Anne Eberhard, MD
Joyce Hui-Yuen, MD
Heather Walters, MD
Lane Palmer, MD
Ronnie Fine, MD
Israel Franco, MD
Steven Friedman, MD
Jordan Gitlin, MD
Moneer Hanna MD
Edward Reda, MD