Everyone has milestones.

Whatever your goals, the best way to reach them is by taking baby steps. Austin Joseph is doing it. We’re doing it. And you can do it, too.

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No matter your goal, we can help you reach it. If you’re ready to kick-start your journey toward wellness, we’re ready to help. And if you want, we’ll stick by your side the whole time.

Get well

Your journey toward your best you begins here. We can help you manage your weight, quit smoking, or point you in the direction of the nearest GoHealth urgent care center if you need to see a doctor right away.

Stay well

Annual checkups and regular health screenings are the keys to a healthy you. We can help you find a doctor and make an appointment.

Be well

Things happen – so it’s best to be prepared when they do. We offer access to a full spectrum of healthcare solutions including primary care physicians and specialists, as well as affordable health insurance plans and information on how to avoid falls and injuries.

Live well

We’re here for you through every life stage – from newborn to senior and everything in between. Let us help guide you through your life’s journey with our support services and educational opportunities.

Maybe your journey will lead you to a new career! Check out opportunities to join our team.

Happy Birthday

Austin Joseph

Have you met Austin? We met him last year – Northwell Health’s first baby of 2016. He’s 1 now. And he’s as cute and healthy as can be. Check out his video gallery.